Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY why?

It's a big deal right now, DIY... a.k.a. do it yourself; is it that we have developed an obsession with homemade looking crafts and clothes? Or maybe it's a result of economics and being on a tight budget?

I have a few theories that have come from analyzing my own desires to make anything from my own laundry detergent to the gown I need for my next formal event.

First of all, everything has gone mobile, there's very little material evidence of what keeps us busy all day; when I finish a DIY project I feel a mental relief at having a substantial piece of evidence in my hand for what I spent my hours on. It's very therapeutic.

Secondly, I don't have loads of cash laying around to spend on the latest fashions and trends (and my gadget needs take up my spending cash :-0); spending half the money on supplies to create an outfit rather than buying something new, or re-purposing some odds and ends to create a work of art for a bare wall, it really makes sense.

Thirdly, because I don't generally have extra cash laying around to do things like going to the theater or concerts, or whiling away hours at the coffee house drinking lattes, DIY is a really fun pastime to do with friends!

And the fourth and final reason for my DIY projects is there are so many Internet sites trending these projects out that I have an over-abundance of material to provide me with a rather long list of projects that could make my life more creative and resourceful.

So, these are my reasons, what are yours?

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  1. Great reasons and I agree whole heartedly. I love having fun, creating something myself and saving money - who doesn't! Those little owls are super cute... a friend of mine has something similar but made with fabric... always a nice decoration!