Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Utility Apron

Aprons have become a part of my daily life as a crafter, mother and cook! I always need more pockets than I have and I am forever losing the last place I put my phone/ scissors/ pins/ brain; then I discovered the beauty of a utility apron! It keeps me organized while jumping projects, like juggling sewing, cooking, housework and children, and keeps my scissors and pins tucked safely away from curious little hands. 

I could imagine a lot of occupations this could facilitate, gardening, holding cash as a vendor at a farmer's market, photography, makeup artist, hair stylist. The list goes on. And bonus- it looks awesome while wearing!

I will be posting the pattern as well soon, very inexpensive, so if you have moderately decent sewing skills this would be a good project.

Check this out for sale in my etsy shop!